Professional eye examination by an optometristWith us, the vision measurement is performed by an optometrist, who will determine your vision correction, examine the front segment of the eye, and, if necessary, perform a binocular eye examination and tear film examination. Eye examination can be done for people older 15 years old.

Application of contact lensesAre you thinking of changing your glasses to contact lenses or just want to try contact lenses? Book an appointment and we will teach you everything.

Reapplication of contact lensesDo you want to change the use of contact lenses or are you no longer satisfied with the old ones? We have contact lens reapplication for you.

Glasses repairHave you put on your glasses? Did you lose a screw or do you just want to clean them thoroughly? We are here to take care of your glasses.

Production glasses on holdOur Optics have a fully equipped optical workshop and that is why we are able to make your glasses even while you wait.

Multifocal glassesBefore buying multifocal lenses, you can try them on with us as part of an eye test. Great if you're not sure.

MiyosmartOur Optics is certified to sell new spectacle lenses to solve myopia in children. If you are dealing with myopia in your children, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Children's glasses
Unbreakable glasses for kids? Well, we have them here. A wide selection of girl's and boy's variants for little fidgets.

Sport and sunglasses Are you looking for glasses for cycling, running, skiing or just for outdoor trips? Come to us and choose from a wide range of sports and sun frames.   

Consultancy In our store you will find experts from the ranks of optics and optometry. If you are interested in something, we will be glad to answer your questions.

Vision measurement in companiesWe offer vision measurements to your employees directly in your company.