Price list

Professional eye examination by an optometrist (20-45 min.)

Examination of the anterior segment of the eye, refraction, control of binocular vision 

* eye examination is for free in case of buying dioptric glasses

* due to law we can make an eye test for people older than 15 years old

700 Kč

Application of contact lenses (1,5 hour) 

Professional eye examination, application and explanation of contact lens care, trial contact lenses, solution and follow-up

* application of c.l. for people younger than 15 y.o. can be done just with confirmation from eye doctor


Reapplication of contact lenses

Professional eye examination, trial lenses, solution and follow-up check 


Production glasses on hold

Replacement of spectacle lenses into customer frames directly at the store

without a backlash 

Grind into your own frame


Cleaning glasses with ultrasound


Glasses repair from


Solder up



for free